A Million Living Tabernacles

…And the countdown begins…

Two days until I leave for Australia! The day is quickly approaching and at a much faster rate than I had expected. The excitement and anticipation to see a million people in the same area sharing the same faith, receiving Christ in the Eucharist and being living tabernacles out in the world just boggles my mind. The closest event that I can compare to what I think this experience is going to be like is the Papal mass in DC this past April. I had the opportunity to go with the Marymount Campus Ministry team and staff and it was probably the coolest mass I have been blessed to attend. Of course, seeing the Holy Father, the successor of Peter, just boggled my mind but what really took me aback and made me stop and think was the thousands of Catholics who had gathered for the exact same reason: to see the leader of our church and to celebrate mass together. The smiles, the cheers, the screams, just the spirit of the entire event is what I will carry with me for a long time. I can’t even begin to imagine the sense of community that I will experience in Australia. I have a mental picture of what it’s going to look like to see a million young Catholics in the same place but I don’t think I will be able to fully comprehend the magnitude of this event until the day we are all gathered together. It will be so inspiring to see that many young people worshiping Christ and to see the spirit of the young church be energized to go out into the world and be the hands, feet and body of Christ. I figure World Youth Day will be a glimpse, a brief encounter, of the heavenly banquet.

…oh the sweet unknown…

*Angels dance to the melody of believers united together through the Eucharist…*

Hope in Christ,


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  1. I love your blog!!! I am your #1 fan ; )

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