Holiness Is What I Long For…

As we inch closer to the start of World Youth Day, (the Diocese of Arlington leaves on Thursday for an extended trip), there’s lists of bulletin announcements to write, calls to make, last minute shopping trips and lots of prep. In the midst of all this prep, we can not forget our spiritual preparation.

It never ceases to amaze me that right when I start to go through the motions of being a youth minister, the Holy Spirit smacks me across the face. I had sent an email to our Diocesan Director of Youth Ministry, Kevin, about an extra WYD tee shirt that I had for him. He of course was excited about the shirt, and ended his email by saying: “Looking forward to the pilgrimage with the holiness of Emily Anderson”. Wow! In the midst of all of this a call to holiness.

I have to live this call. Afterall, that’s the nature of pilgrimage. Even in the middle of ministering to my teens, God breaks through and the cup overflows onto me. I am so blessed, so humbled to serve our Lord by taking teens on this pilgrimage. Holiness is what I long for, and I pray that during this pilgrimage, I decrease so that He might increase.

One Response

  1. Love the t-shirts with the silhouette of the Pope riding a Kangaroo!
    I’m very proud that you are my daughter, and I will be praying for you and your “yutes” as you make this journey. You are so blessed, Emily. It is a dream come true to have a child who values the pursuit of holiness.
    Love, Mom

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