Multiplication of the Veils

Things have gotten rather crazy at the World Youth Day office these past few weeks.  Schedules have become more hectic and deadlines have come and past; and should anyone doubt that WYD is nearly here, all they need to do is go into the office lobby where new pilgrims are camping out every day.  (No, I am not sure why they are there — only that they are.) 

However, it is not just pilgrims who are turning up by the dozens and even hundreds, but also new volunteers (who the rest of us like to call the cavalry).  Today, as I walked into our usual 12:30 office mass, I was stunned at what I discovered — nuns everywhere!  So many in fact, that I had to stand in the back of the chapel (for the first time ever).

I realized at that moment that I really need to start carrying my camera around since the site of so many different veils in one room was a first for me (and I must confess, a bit intimidating)  Yes, I realize I probably should have been thinking about something more reverent, but really, it is an impressive site to see so many enthusiastic sisters in one spot. 

As it turns out the representatives of the US-based Council of Major Superiors of Women Religious arrived today to begin their work.  There are about 50 of them from many different communities — all quite young, full of energy and laughter.  It is a sight I look forward to seeing on the streets of Sydney!

Nevertheless, I think I am going to behave myself a bit more . . . and most certainly get to mass a bit earlier so I can grab a seat next time!

Blessings and G’Day!

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