Everyone knows “we’re going to Mass!”

It’s almost time for takeoff, and the excitement of joining the crowd at Sydney has started to make itself seen on the streets of Perth through the pilgrims.

Just image it … Perth is quite a sleepy city … people are generally home by about 6 in the evening and the activity in the city centre is pretty low key to say the least, most people are there to shop anyway, and just want to go about their purchasing with as little fuss as possible. When you catch the train, 90 percent of people have their ipods jammed into their ears, and you can pick out the sounds of guitars and heavy drums from the noise that escapes the earphones. No sounds of “hello” though, unless you’re old friends.

But these last few days you’d be forgiven for being mistaken and thinking that you were somewhere in South America. On the train to the commissioning Mass, the doors opened at the station and 35 Spaniards trooped in, singing loud, telling the commuters through their songs and celebrations that they were on their way to Mass-and pretty happy about it.

People trickled in, the seats filled up and Mass began with the theme song of Cologne WYD “Jesus Christ You Are My Life”. Smiles flickered across the faces of some of the congregation, obviously WYD is somewhat addictive and people have come here for more of the same of what they got three years ago. And then … they walked up the aisle … archbishops, bishops, priests from all over the world … led by my friend (an altar server) who just loves to make incensing into a performance with feats of twirling and smoking.

This is my faith and I love it, and I share it with everyone present. My heart swelled with pride when I saw the Archbishop of Perth up there flanked by his colleagues, all of them there to say the Mass for us young people to send us on our way. And tomorrow, we’ll be there, and probably singing about it as we go.

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