Loved individually by One

…It’s been a while…

Sydney, Australia.  Quiet possibly the best city in the entire world.  The beaches, the people, the scenery is absolutely wonderful and World Youth Day 2008 couldn’t have chosen a better venue for this event.  The Lord is certainly present here in Australia and the excitement of WYD finally beginning has allowed us to just have an amazing opening mass at Barangaroo right next to Sydney Harbor.  As I had expected, the hundreds of thousands of people left me completely speechless recognizing that we have all come here for the same purprose to worship our Lord.  When looking out at the sea of faces alive and vibrant in the love of Christ, it really hits me that although we are many, each of us are individually called by God to follow Him and to hear what He longs for us to do in our lives.  I think so often we think God only speaks to us as a group of people but we need to constantly be reminded that He longs to dive deeper and deeper into our hearts so that we may have a chance to encounter His majesty in our lives.  Each and everytime we have mass, there is a special, individually picked message just for us to receive that is different from the way He is speaking to our brothers and sisters in Christ.  Over the next few days, we are being asked by both WYD and God to be open to His most Holy Spirit and to allow Him to rattle our lives and allow us to look at our selves as an individual in need of His love that is so freely given and offered.  For the past two days, we have had an opportunity with the Diocese of Arlington to partake in a retreat that has allowed us to prepare ourselves for the experience ahead.  The way God works in our lives and just the small ways that He whispers His love for us is incredible and I have been blessed to experience that within the last 5 days of being here in Australia.  SO much lies ahead for us that I can’t even imagine and I can’t wait to see God’s grace working more and more in my life as the days go on.  We are pilgrims on this journey and we have come to encounter our Lord so that we may have our inner hearts rejeuvenated with His message of hope and may go out into the world and be His light for all.

…Let the witnessing of the Holy Spirit begin…

*Angels dance to the melody of believers united together through the Eucharist…*

Hope in Christ,


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  1. Hi Love… I am glad that you are doing well and are totally enjoying this wonderful time God has provided for you!



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