A Silent Gasp


These were the words that I yelled to my friend, Becky, as we ran from our assigned section through the crowd to get a closer look of the Pope arriving at Barangaroo and driving through all of the crowd in his Pope Mobile.  The anticipation of seeing him grew as we could see him get in the Pope Mobile and start navigating his way through the crowd.  He could be seen on the jumbo tron and our excitement to see him continued to grow.  Becky and I jumped up on one of the fences and watched for the first glimpse of his holiness.  All of a sudden I yelled, “THERE HE IS!” and everyone in the section looked to the left and started cheering.  It was an amazing site as the Pope continued his way toward the crowd.  Gasps could be heard as people saw the Pope for the first time and it was such a site to see everyone completely blown away by his presence there with us.  During his address to us, no one spoke and everyone clung to every single word the successor of Peter in our midst spoke.  Truly, Peter was with us and the Holy Spirit was there among us. 

It really hit me that the way we all were yesterday at the mass, speechless in his site, blown away by his presence, over taken by his holiness should be exactly how we respond to Christ in the Eucharist every single mass.  Too often we take the mass for granted and get stuck in the routine we go through every Sunday.  Christ wants us to encounter Him in a very real way every time we go to mass and longs for us to be totally overtaken by emotion when we gaze on Him and receive Him in the most holy sacrament of the altar.  God’s love is radical and extraordinary and we should stand in awe of Him and be drawn to our knees in His presence.

The assistant chaplain at Marymount told me today that Padre Pio did just what I’m explaining.  Sometimes, his masses would last 3 hours or more because he would get completely caught up in the prayers and be drawn so deep into listening to God that he would just be silent and just bathe in the glory of Christ’s light.  May he be our example of the way we are to experience mass and be drawn into deeper communion with God Himself.

…You have my heart and I will search for Yours… 

*Angels dance to the melody of believers united together through the Eucharist…*

Hope in Christ,


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  1. Wow! That sounds so cool. I am happy to hear what a wonderful trip you are having. It sounds like it is not a typical “tourist trip” to Australia, you are growing so much spiritually. It is a true blessing, I will continue praying for you all. Give everyone my regards. Love and Blessings

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