It’s all over. Or is it?

Yes, WYD08 has come to a glorious end, but our mission is only beginning.

We, as a group of 7 very special pilgrims gathered last night for our last opportunity to pray together and discuss our experiences. What we collectively realised was that although we’d imagined that World Youth Day would answer a lot of questions for us, it seems to have challenged us too, beyond or knowledge or experience. Our group consists of pilgrims between 15 and 55 years of age, and for each of us, we now have a special task of answering the Lords call in our lives, URGENTLY. There is no more room to shift responsibility. We have all met God face to face this week, we’ve seen hints of heaven and experiences like these are never ends to stories, experiences like these help us find courage and direction, to live our lives for the single purpose of Knowing, Loving and Serving God & each other.

I have learnt my own significant lessons, every pilgrim in Sydney this week has – It has been spectacular, tiring, intense, tough, inspirational, cold, challenging and there’s been so much love in this city.

Next time we’ll be in Madrid, and I plan on taking a very special lady with me… Big smiles.

Thank you God for this Lovely week, Thank you Sydney for allowing your hearts to be moved by the truth in your city, and thank you to every single Pilgrim – As Pope Benedict XVI said, the church is not old, it’s young, and we are all at a new begining. Lets keep waving the biggest flag we’ve waved all week, Love!

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